The first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to use SPY-PHI technology

SPY-PHI Fluorescence Imaging technology is a high-definition video camera that makes it possible for surgeons to visualise lymphatics in real-time. This is a tool available to surgeons that can increase their ability to identify sentinel lymph nodes. Doctors can also see whether or not tissue is adequately perfused during a reconstructive surgery, and can make critical decisions that could potentially reduce the risk of devastating complications related to poorly perfused tissue.

Dr. V. Dharmendra Kumar, Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospital Vijayawada, said, “We now have the ability to visualise lymphatic flow during the surgery which has helped reduce arm morbidity with over 75 breast cancer successful surgeries and a 100% success rate.This helps surgeons to identify sentinel lymph node in real time and helps to remove intra operatively and send for frozen section and helps to avoid morbid axillary lymph node dissection and prevent arm lymphedema. Sentinel lymph node mapping can be used not only in breast cancer surgery, but also in gynecological oncology, melanoma, penile cancers and indications are expanding. This technology also helps to asses perfusion of tissues. Even a few hours of impaired blood flow can cause irreversible damage that can often lead to postoperative complications. This technology allows physicians to see beyond the limits of the human eye to visually assess blood flow in skin flaps and tissue in real-time. This helps us make more informed decisions in the operating table.

Dr. Dinesh Reddy, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospital Vijayawada, also mentioned – “Spy-Phi is a unique and highly advanced fluorescence imaging technology that can be used in plastic surgery, microsurgical, reconstructive and gastrointestinal procedures. We’re proud to bring Spy-Phi to India and are looking forward to the incredible impact this technology can have in making healthcare better. By having the SPY-PHI technology at Manipal Hospitals, Vijayawada, patients can avail the facility from the neighbourhood districts of Vijayawada.”

Dr. Sudhakar Kantipudi, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital Vijayawada said- “I feel ecstatic to share that Manipal Hospitals, Vijayawada, have successfully performed 75 breast cancer surgeries using this technology with a 100% success rate. I would like to congratulate Dr. V. Dharmendra Kumar and Dr. Dinesh Reddy on achieving the milestone.”

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