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Uniportal Robotic Surgery for complex thoracic procedures

Uniportal Robotic Surgery involves robotic arms performing the surgery through a single 3 cm incision made in the chest. It’s a boon for performing critical and complex cardiothoracic surgeries with greater efficiency and precision coupled with the best possible outcomes. The two-day Uniportal Robotic Surgery Workshop, novel technique is being performed for the first time […]Read More...

Healthcare & Medicine

All you Need To Know About Brain Fog – A

The Covid-19 pandemic is no longer restricted to the virus itself but has brought along several post-Covid complications which have become a major concern. One out of many such associated concerns includes brain fog, a neurological symptom affecting up to 25% of people who are contracting Covid-19 virus, shows PubMed Central database.  Speaking with Neo […]Read More...