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‘The Organic Seed,’ a documentary on farming, is a touching

Bengaluru-based filmmaker Adithyaa Sadashiv has made  a feature-length documentary known as ‘Naati Beeja’ (the Organic Seed) could be a flick on G H Kashinath, a veteran progressive Agriculturist and social reformer from Kadur Taluk, Chikmagaluru district, Karnataka. Kashinath has been the backbone within the upliftment of his village and transfer out folks from impoverishment.Read More...

Healthcare & Medicine

Safety to… Biosafety

Safety is the most commonly being used word nowadays by every individual at each and every level though it has been an essential parameter for the ages. Different Viruses such as SARS/COVID and the disease it causes are among mankind’s greatest enemy today. As a part of this battle, biosecurity is of vital importance, since […]Read More...

Food Technology

Passion turns into a Profession.

A 41-year-old women Maria Johnson, Hailing from Hyderabad turned her passion into profession by baking a customized cake for her daughter. When she was two-months-old and was the first women, who started baking customized cake in Hyderabad.   Maria Johnson said, “Two years ago, I have started Cake studio which is Little Miss Muffin. Mainly we […]Read More...