Inspiring people to never give up by man with artificial limb

 Inspiring people to never give up by man with artificial limb

Aliga Prasanna in a marathon || Neo Science Hub || NSH

Despite losing his leg in a tragic accident in 2013, a 28-year-old man “Aliga Prasanna” from Hyderabad did not let his physical disability become an obstacle and challenged himself to take part in marathons. 

He said, “I lost my leg in 2013 when I met a tragic accident. There was only an 20 per cent chance of survival. I survived after an amputation. I got my artificial limb. So I felt that was a wise decision, because keeping unwanted, imbalance thing will happen in a future. So I have decided that time itself okay fine we can amputate. So when I was in a hospital bed  many things were running in my mind like I was totally into depression. Has an a proper life career which has set now there is nothing. It again came to zero first thing was like how should start again and will I be normal person again.”

So many questions were triggering in my mind “Will I stand again, can I walk, can I run like this so many questions were running in my mind and how to face the society. So many thing were running, apart from that my family and so many things how people point out and all everything and many things were running in my mind. So my life was completely in a blank stage that movement.”

Aliga Prasanna in a marathon || Neo Science Hub | NSH
Aliga Prasanna in a marathon || Neo Science Hub | NSH

Prasanna recalled days after the accident and said it was very difficult but he did not give up. He is a professional wedding photographer and a video editor.

Speaking about becoming a marathon runner, the 28-year-old said, “My friends and family supported me a lot. My first marathon was 5 km. I was being cheered by the audience and the participants. I was so overwhelmed that I completed the 5 Km of the marathon in an hour.”

“Later, I decided the marathon of 10 km. I wanted to challenge myself. I started running on the blade by the Ottobock. I completed the 10 km marathon in one and half hour. I practiced a lot. I became an inspiration for the people and this feeling is overwhelming.”

Prasanna said that the biggest challenging marathon for him was 21 kilometres in Bengaluru.

Aliga Prasanna with Bike trip || Neo Science Hub || NSH
Aliga Prasanna with Bike trip || Neo Science Hub || NSH

“So basically they took me to the ground and said to walk. Later on they said me to walk little bit faster and faster like that automatically I started running. So when the day of marathon I was so excited almost like thousands of people and I was the only physical challenged there. When I was doing a marathon and the appreciation from the people and I became the motivation to them. Whenever they were running they were looking at me okay fine see that person when he doing, why can’t we”.

“So like that everyone gave motivation there. By the end of the marathon I have completed my marathon in one hour that was in 2013 Airtel Marathon. And that was the biggest turning point in my life. So people who ever thought that I would never recover in life and again I can’t get back. Now I’m in a position where I did 5 km that’s more than enough for person to prove what you are. After Marathon I have lots of injuries on my leg, there was bleeding also. Those things dint even come to my mind. People appreciation and smile on my parents face and took part in many marathons across the state”.

“I participate in Wrangler True Wanderer 2017, where every year only a few people are selected and participants have to cover 2,000 kilometer’s in five days. And recently he rode 1800 kilometer’s and covered four places in South India. Got a chance to work in Tollywood movie and went as a Guest to reality show of Hero Nandamuri Balakrishna”. “This will be the longest solo ride of my life. The ride could be around this month or next month, where I will be riding all the way from Delhi to Ladakh (3,000km).”

Aliga Prasanna has now become a source of inspiration for others by successfully competing in marathons and Indian book of record holder in marathon. Apart from that he is a horse rider, bike rider cum swimmers.

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