A distinctive clobber “Tardigrade” withstand -200°C to 1000°C

City – Based, man designed a unique composite clobber ‘Tardigrade’ that can withstand an extreme temperature range two- hundred to thousand degree Celsius.

Tardigrade withstand -200°C to 1000°C

Despite of several tries and errors, A 29 year- old Hyderabad youngster SaiTeja Peddineni has come up with a distinctive clobber Tardigrade, which can withstand an extreme high temperature range -200 degree Celsius to 1000 degree Celsius.  The Distinctive clobber Tardigrade will be useful in the negative temperature as to prove staying in cold climate zones, adventure tourists etc.

Sai Teja Peddineni

Speaking with NSH Sai Teja Peddineni (CEO of Veera Advanced Research) said, “To develop this composite it took 2 years for me, which needs a suit that can withstand very high temperatures so the journey started researching and after many trials and errors we now have a material that can withstand -200°C to 1000°C.”

In terms of applications there can be many one side there are Defence applications such as extreme technical apparel for extreme weather conditions. 

Further he added “Also, the stealth was a discovery for us, we never expected that to happen. Also, Industry there are furnaces that function at very high temperatures, and here too we can use the apparel. The stealth properties can find defence applications.”

Sai Teja Peddineni with Tardigrade
– Neo Science Hub

“Civilian application can be in the form of safety gear in all industries involving high temperatures. Also, this can have application in the negative Temperatures as for people staying in cold climate zones, Adventure tourists, etc. I have built a composite, fire retardant and stealth properties of the material. Which will be useful for residential.”

Sharing about his product he said,

“The end product would use the composite.so, if it’s an apparel made of this material it can help the wearer face extreme temperatures as inside the suit the temperature would be near normal, when compared to extreme temperature outside. Let’s take an example of Siachen Glacier the temp can dip to as low as -50 or -60°C. And this can easily support such conditions”.
Talking about his upcoming project he said, “I’ll be the first person from Indian as well as from Telangana to dive into lava someday. I hope I’ll do it”. 

Talking about the brand name Veera, he said ” I want to keep the name Veera which means “Hero “. People should recognise the apparel is made from India “.

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