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Teach responsibilities towards Earth

It is a major issue for children that, at the age of exploring their surroundings, the term “Nature” is unfamiliar to them. Nature plays a significant role in a child’s development. Like any other skill, taking care of nature and producing natural and organic food requires more practice and patience. It helps them develop their perception senses and healthy body growth. Our kids need a platform where they can enjoy learning about nature and interact the way they deserve. Yes! Our kids, younger generations yet to come, deserve much more than what we have left for them.

We think Nature awareness is necessary for kids.. Do you know why?

Exploring nature builds a sense of wonder in children, which they can apply to other aspects of their lives and also it plays more important role in a kid life like:

  • Being with nature teaches children to be more aware. Nature allows children to use all of their senses.
  • Modern life is too regimented, depriving children of the opportunity to explore and learn independently. Nature’s role in stimulating their curiosity is even more important in this context.
  • According to educators, allowing children to explore nature helps them improve their attention span and learning capacity.
  • Exposure to green outdoor settings has been shown in studies to help reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder in children.
  • Children can get some fresh air and exercise by participating in outdoor activities. Both are essential for keeping children physically and mentally fit.
  • Learning is more fun.

Nowadays, Schools and educational institutions are adding environmental subjects to the syllabus. Children learn them theoretically, Plant a tree for practical knowledge. However, are those things enough for a kid to understand? Like

Sustainability, Do we know it enough?

Sustainability is the fruit of well incorporated production and conservation.

By production, we don’t mean mere factories and chemical fumes coming out. Probably that will be the image surfacing in most of our minds connecting to the word production. As we go to the roots, we realize that agriculture is superior to all production. 

There are schools to teach. Are they enough?

School syllabus does contain environment based chapters. They all encourage students to take care of nature. But only in papers. When it comes to practicing nature care, only few educational institutions do it in action too. This is indeed a situation demanding our high level attention. Do you also think, we as a responsible elder generation should address this issue?

We do too, a very little. not enough.

As we are traversing in a ride of unbalanced development, what we are destined to do is mere concrete jungles. Generations after generations, kids are being quarantined from nature. Unfortunately advancement in information technology does play a role in it. And we can’t blame technology for everything. Instead we must use its possibilities, but with a varied way of thinking.

Speeches and awareness are not enough.

Going back to the roots, as some claim, is never the ultimate solution. It looks good only in speeches and preachings. Moreover, that is an impossible proposition. Using technology, using our kids’ modern world interests, there should be a way to proceed.

Zero Loss, what should be enough.

Here in Zero Loss, we are committed to do the same. A novel approach of learning with nature. Our name itself came from the idea of ‘Everything can be saved’.

It’s high time we guide our students to new ways of learning. Learning through experience is the best way for that. The simplest concept of ‘No matter how small, let’s do our part’ is going to help our kids learn interactively with nature, different topics of chemistry, biology, physics, crafts and that nature is amazing to us every time with her stories of abundance.

Zero loss is an initiative to train pure minds about their surroundings. This is the thing that every little one needs.

At last, we were impressed with the mindset of zero loss and supporting their Aim to teach every child about nature.

Founder’s message: Nature is taking care of us, it’s time to give it back. Our aim is to create a “No waste”, Less polluted society and it is possible with Zero Loss!

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