Errand: To make revolution in film industry

 Errand: To make revolution in film industry

Errand CGI Film – Neo Science Hub

As we all have seen high end octane graphics in various films from Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood. These youngsters from Hyderabad are coming forward with a revolutionary ideas and stories to showcase their skills on YouTube. Seeing graphics on big screen surely amazes us all, but have you ever wonders how it looks when a short film is made with more than what it needs for a main film itself. Yes, team Project Pebble. The makers of India’s First 100% CGI short film did it with unexceptional message and VFX in it.


The team consists of Anush Gorak, Mani Raju, Budereddy Krishna Kanth, K Pranay Teja and Akhil Venkat. And Anush Gorak, budereddy krishna kanth, Pranay Who completed their studies in graphics from a reputed school of graphics, Hyderabad. This team made a few videos for their selfs but later when they wanted to make a mark in short films, they have set a benchmark itself.  With their short film “ERRANDa mission to reconstruct the Ozone layer on planet earth. The team have shown their extra ordinary skills with story, narration and the CG work they did.

While Director of Errand, Anush Says “Seeing graphics in mainstream films always motivated me to make something better than that, but until then I had to do something, but without compromising on quality of the video” and they did it. With the training and knowledge from their school, they made this short film of 10minutes with High end graphics which could cost not less than 1cr if it was made for mainstream film. The team made short film with the budget only of Rs. 150 only by using their own equipment.

When they were asked if they had a chance to work with any director from industry its S.S. Rajamouli they said “As he understands the whole story, involves himself into each frame of the visuals we see on screen, It would be a dream come true if we can work with him” Said Anush and Mani Raju. For this short film the equipment used are: Camera: Nikon D5100, and softwares like Maya, 3Ds Max, Nuke, After effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

On the Sets of ERRAND – Neo Science Hub

Not just this, now the team is working on another project which shall show everyone a glimpse of how future would be, “We are working on a story which will show a life of a person, in a different perspective” Adds Mani Raju. Making a film is not what they want to do, but to show how VFX can be used in a right way.

Anush further said “A usual short film takes upto 10days for shoot, and a film like this would be completed in span of 90days – 120days but as we all were student it took us close to 9months to finish this short film.  We are working on feature film where CGI will used.

These youngsters are raising bars. With this kind of talent in our country, we surely can say that in near future India shall produce its own animated movies which will have worldwide fame.

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