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Passion turns into a Profession.

customised biryani cake
Biryani Cake – Neo Science Hub

A 41-year-old women Maria Johnson, Hailing from Hyderabad turned her passion into profession by baking a customized cake for her daughter. When she was two-months-old and was the first women, who started baking customized cake in Hyderabad.  

Maria Johnson said, “Two years ago, I have started Cake studio which is Little Miss Muffin. Mainly we are into customized cake and desserts. Twelve years ago, I have started baking customized cake but from home. I was the first women in Hyderabad to start customized cake and desserts.” 

“Little Miss Muffin named of my cake studio is dedicated to my daughter. Basically, I have started for her.  twelve years ago, I use to celebrate her monthly birthdays. So, I thought something I need to do for my daughter second month birthday. I have baked first customized for my daughter on her birthday as per theme that was butterfly. Before that I never baked any cake in my life early days, we were not aware of customized cake.  Most of them were aware of cool cakes and pastries”, she said .

customised spiderman cake
Spiderman Cake – Neo Science Hub

“By seeing that customized cake everyone started appreciating me and supported me. Then I have decided to turn my passion towards profession.”
Further she said ,”Initially it was difficult in Hyderabad and it was a challenge because even suppliers were not aware of customize cakes and what ingredients we needed.   It was difficult to get raw material stuff to make a cake. Even if u bake a customized cake the cost of cake was higher people were not ready to buy during that time. Then we need to explain them why they are paying extra amount for customize cake. It took time for people to learn about customize cake. Since I’m not officially trained, you know it was all trial and errors. I self-trained by myself by online looking into different recipes for trail and errors it took some time to develop the recipe to come up with client perspective. “

Talking about her hurdles She said ,”Every day I use to travel 60 km just to delivered a one kg cake. That’s how I started building it. I do have clients who are being coming here from past years. And it was a challenging for me to customized cake”. 

“I see how much lower I keep price of customize cake so that my client should be satisfied with price as well as my work. Starting range of customized cake in my studio is 1500 Rs basically it depends upon the flavor’s which they order. Simple cake like chocolate truffle cost around 1100 Rs to 1300 Rs per /kg.”

To customized one cake, it depends upon the design of the client.  

“We do make cupcakes and again we customized all these well, suppose if there is a birthday party, according to that party we customized our desserts. We do brownies, donuts, cookies and cupcakes and cheese cake. “

“My husband inspired me, he is the back bone for my cake studio little miss muffins and my daughter for whom I’m doing this”, says Maria Johnson.

“For new year  I have baked customized cake based on the covid situation ,every time we wish prosperous New year. But from our side we wish covid free new year that is what we required now,” said Maria Johnson.

“Basically, she needs motivation not inspiration. Actually, my daughter was her inspiration for which she has started. But yeah, we motivate her to pursue her passion which is now its her profession”, says Darian Johnson (Maria husband)

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