Robo’s are taking over Kitchen

 Robo’s are taking over Kitchen

Robo serves in a kitchen || Neo Science Hub

An adventure that includes a robotics-themed restaurant with dim lighting. Rather than humans serving food to consumers, an army of robots does so here. The Robo Kitchen boasts a team of white and blue robots who serve diners at the touch of a button; all one has to do is order meals using the electronic gadget provided, and the food will be served to the table by the ‘Beauty Serving Robots.’ North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Tandoori, and Mughlai cuisines are available.

While having interaction with Robo kitchen

Three years ago, me and my friends, we started this restaurant named Robo Kitchen; from childhood onwards I was passionate about opening a restaurant. With a unique concept of our Robot kitchen where, robots will serve food.  We have come across about robo-restaurants in Chennai where I personally visited and saw how it’s working. Then I decided to start a restaurant in Hyderabad at Jubilee Hills. We have four robo’s, each robo has a name Red sister because that robo’s has a red scarf on her neck like that we have named it for a few more robos in our restaurant. So that our employees should not get confused. These robots are from Japanese companies, but of course everything is made in China. So it was delivered from China, but the technology is total Japanese.

Robo serving food in a restaurant || Neo Science Hub
Robo serving food in a restaurant || Neo Science Hub

First of all, the look of the robot is very attractive compared to any other robots in Hyderabad. Secondly, the technology is as I told you, its Japanese technology, which is the most updated technology right now.

Our robots work on a specific track, if a child is standing in front of a robo it will stop immediately and robotic says please give away with the help of sensor, these robots talk like hi, hello. Recently we sent two robots for up-gradation because it’s almost been three years since his restaurant.

So in the future, whatever robots are going to come, they are going to be upgraded, where they will actually come to the table, deliver the food, keep the food on the table, and then leave. Right now the robots, they just come to the table, rotate towards the table and deliver the food. Now, we will keep the trade on the table, those kinds of robots we are updating. Compared to other robots, our robots have different looks and operating systems. 

We are working on a robot café, where robots will serve food and these robots will not walk on any track randomly; they will move and serve the food to the customer.

We do have employees to take orders as well as our robot which will serve the food. In our kitchen we use both man power and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology like robots.

Three to four hours it takes to charge these robots, which we can use it for 5 hours. The battery backup is good and we do get indications if the battery is getting drains.

Well, day by day the technology is getting updated and the generation is getting used to it, not only robot restaurants; we do have cloud dining restaurant, Platform65 etc., these all have come up with unique concept in Hyderabad and other parts of states.

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