Scince Hub Vision

Science impacts every aspect of our daily lives. But rarely do we pause and think about the why and how of this. For most, science is distant and esoteric, meant only for those with specialised knowledge. We believe that this need not be so. Our attempt here is to contribute towards bringing about this connect between people, science and technology.

It is envisaged as a web portal and E-Magazine, that brings to the layman and expert alike, information about cutting edge technology being developed and used in different segments, from mobility to health to water management and other aspects of personal and societal interactions. Technology has been part of life from the beginning of our ancient civilisation. Much ancient and traditional knowledge has been lost. But much is still available which could be relevant to modern times. The need is to document this knowledge and study how it is relevant today. This exercise will involve not just experts in different fields, but the average citizen too. The internet has much information on scientific subjects. Science Hub will be different, special. For one, in the range of subjects it writes on. Second, Its target audience, as indicated earlier, is not just the expert but the average citizen too, irrespective of age and gender.


Our editorial mix is aimed at getting everyone interested in science and technology, and how it can be used to improve one’s lives, be environment friendly and promote sustainable practices. In keeping with our tagline, our choice of content will not only inform and inspire, but also foster innovation, not just at the larger corporate level but also among society and individual levels. With our unique ways of story telling and creative presentation, information will be easily accessible and understood on any device in a manner that will tug at your imagination.

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